Improve your online business security

For every business that has an online presence, privacy and security is a top priority. Take this free course to learn the basics of online security and understand how it can be applied to your users and customers, employees, and your company as a whole.

This free online course is one of the many available through Googleโ€™s Digital Skills for Africa, a Google initiative in conjunction with various training partners, which aims to train young people in digital skills.

In Digital Skills For Africa you will find free training both face-to-face and online, which will help you to expand knowledge on topics that interest you, information that will allow you to optimise the way you present yourself for a job, and resources to start your own entrepreneurial project.

How it works

Enroll in a course:ย Select a course from a large catalog of learning materials, that is best suited to your goals.

Track your progress:ย Use the โ€œMy Learning Pageโ€ to monitor your progress.

Complete module quizzes:ย The course contains video tutorials and opportunities to test your knowledge with quizzes.

  • Course Duration:ย Approx. 1 hr
  • Course Price:Free
  • Level: Beginner

Who is this course for?ย This course is for anyone who wants to learn the basics of online security and how it applies to you and your business.

What you will get?ย Aside from access to a wealth of knowledge from Google industry experts, this course includes video tutorials, easy-to-implement tips, and end-of-topic assessments. Youโ€™ll also have unlimited access to the training.

Some of the skills youโ€™ll learn

Online security: It is imperative to use the correct security measures to ensure that your business, employees, and especially customers are safe online.ย 

Lessons included

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