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The Workforce Ready program teaches candidates specific foundational skills which consist of digital literacy, competence in Microsoft Office, and the capability to communicate effectively. Each of these skill sets is covered by the Workforce Ready certificate, which provides a foundation for success in the 21st-century workplace. The Workforce Ready course will assist individuals in demonstrating their ability to fulfil the demands of today's fast-paced job market, advance their careers, and prepare them for the internationally accredited exams. This course can be done either online or at our Stellenbosch training academy.


3 months (part-time | 2days/week)

6 weeks (full-time | 5days/week)


1 x Stellietech Certificate of success

5 x Internationally Accredited (if passed)


Monday - Friday | 09:00 to 16:00

Booking: As soon you purchase the course, your facilitator will contact you to book you in for training days that best suit you.

Official Exam:

Internationally Accredited

  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
  • Digital Literacy
  • Business communications

Exam rewrite:

ย 2 attempts to pass all exams.

Exam Prep:

Assessments, simulation, and videos.

Pt1. Entrepreneurship and Small Business

โ€ข The Entrepreneur

โ€ข Opportunity Recognition

โ€ข Starting a Business

โ€ข Business Operations

โ€ข Marketing and Sales

โ€ข Financial Management

Pt2. Design Thinking

โ€ข Design for Delight Concepts

โ€ข Develop deep customer empathy

โ€ข Brainstorm and narrow

โ€ข Perform rapid customer experiments

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If you are looking at becoming your own boss or managing your current business successfully, The Master Certification in Entrepreneurship program is for you. This course covers the essential concepts and principles associated with launching and maintaining a successful business. Whether starting the next Silicon Valley unicorn or simply bringing grandmaโ€™s secret recipes to the main street bakery, the Master Certification course covers the business principles needed to help one become their own boss, regardless of the industry or field you are looking to enter.

โ€ข Video-based Instructions

โ€ข Exercise labs

โ€ข Pre and Post assessments

โ€ข PDF workbook (includes fill-in-the-blanks, glossary terms & definitions, and many other resources to reinforce learning)

โ€ข Full-time training support when needed.

โ€ข Management/HR reporting (For organisations)

How does it work?

Why Get Certified

Certiport's Entrepreneurship and Small Business certification which is sponsored by Intuit and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship guarantees that tomorrow's leaders have the tools they need to succeed in today's competitive environment. ESB verifies a student's mastery of key business principles, including the elements needed to build and manage a profitable business, whether they are starting a bakery or launching the next billion-dollar startup.

Upon successfully completing the exam

You will receive the Internationally Accredited Exam Certificate which gets sent to you directly from the certifying body: Certiport. StellieTech will email you your E-Certificate and Score Report in the meantime. You will receive an "Acclaim" badge which can be added to your LinkedIn profile to prove that you are certified.

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