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In this course, Janet (A Body Alignment Practitioner) will share her wealth of knowledge and experience with you, guiding you through the theoretical and practical aspects of Body Alignment, this course will enable you to run your own Body Alignment Practice and become a successful Body Alignment Practitioner.

At Stellietech, our Body Alignment course focuses on crucial body mechanics, emphasizing proper alignment of the head, shoulders, spine, hips, and feet. This minimizes stress on posture and mechanical movements, reducing issues like headaches, lower back pain, and tennis elbow.

Body Alignment, a holistic health technique, aids self-healing by relaxing muscles and relieving nerve tension, promoting optimal bodily function. The course addresses interconnected muscles, emphasizing prevention over cure for various ailments.

Body Alignment techniques facilitate muscle relaxation, healing, and the release of tension stored deep within muscle layers, offering a holistic approach to maintaining optimal bodily function.ย 

Find out more about Janet and her Body Alignment Practice: here


2 Days (Online Training)ย 


Certificate of Success (on successful completion)


As soon as you purchase the course, your facilitator will contact you to book you for online training days that best suit you.


Practiceย Assessments & Final Certification Quiz


Mon - Fri (09h00 - 16h00 | +2 GMT)

What is Body Alignment?

  • Video-based Instructions
  • Assessments
  • Certification on successful completion
  • PDF workbook
  • Online Training support

This course is divided into Sections Part Oneย (Theoretical)ย and Part Twoย (Practical).

In Part One (Theory of Body Alignment)

  • Fundamentals of understanding the anatomy of the human body and how you, as a Body Alignment practitioner, may effectively assist clients with a comprehensive insight into the human anatomy.ย 
  • After each lesson in Part One, you will have an opportunity to reflect and complete a shortย self-assessment/quiz, or knowledge-check.ย If you are unsure of anything, you can go back to revisit those lessons until youโ€™re satisfied that you understand the details well enough.
  • We will give you a printable document that you can print off and use to guide you through the Body Alignment Part One โ€“ (Theory).
  • Before moving on to the next lesson, you must first complete the knowledge-check / quiz that follows each session. These quizzes are designed to help you better understand the lesson and to test your body alignment knowledge.

In Part Two (Practical of Body Alignment)

  • Video led practice on a skeleton named โ€˜Fredโ€™ and a human body named โ€˜Body.โ€™ Once youโ€™ve mastered the human anatomy, you may practice and work alongside Janet as she demonstrates how to effectively assist a client in a session. You can run through the lessons multiple times until you have mastered the art of Body Alignment.

How does it work?

Why Get Certified

This certification not only equips you with the knowledge to improve your own well-being but also empowers you to establish a successful Body Alignment Practice, transforming the lives of others through proven, practical techniques.

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