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The Application Developer program focuses on using a scripting language to enhance web pages, specifically static web pages, and make them interactive. Candidates also learn how to identify and construct the Document Object Models (DOM) tree, apply JavaScript best practices, and use the canvas element to create graphics and animations to name a few. The Application Developer credential gives you that breadth of knowledge to make valuable contributions and informed decisions on building web pages, no matter what part of the development you focus on. If you want to establish a career that is stable and pays great, become an application developer by earning your Application Developer credential. The course can be done either online or at the Stellenbosch Training Academy in Stellenbosch.


3 monthsย  (part-time | 2days/week)

1 month (full-time | 5days/week)


1 x Stellietech Certificate of success

4 x Internationally Accredited (if passed)


Monday - Friday | 09:00 to 16:00

Booking: As soon you purchase the course, your facilitator will contact you to book you in for training days that best suit you.

Official Exam:

Internationally Accredited

  • IT Specialist HTML and CSS
  • IT Specialist JavaScript
  • IT Specialist Software Development
  • IT Specialist HTML5 Application Development

Exam rewrite:

ย 2 attempts to pass all exams.

Exam Prep:

Assessments, simulation, and videos.

Pt1. HTML and CSS

โ€ข HTML Fundamentals

โ€ข CSS FundamentalsDocument Structure using HTML

โ€ข Multimedia Presentation using HTML

โ€ข Webpage Styling using CSS

โ€ข Accessibility, Readability, and Testing

Pt2. JavaScript

JavaScript Operators, Methods, and Keywords

โ€ข Variables, Data Types, and Functions

โ€ข Decisions and Loops

โ€ข Document Object Model

โ€ข HTML Forms

Pt3. Software Development

โ€ข Core Programming Concepts

โ€ข Software Development Principles

โ€ข Object-Oriented Programming

โ€ข Web Applications

โ€ข Databases

Pt4. HTML Application Development

โ€ข Application Lifecycle Management

โ€ข Graphics and Animation

โ€ข Forms

โ€ข Layouts

โ€ข JavaScript Coding

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If you have a passion for developing and modifying source code for software applications, design, create, deploy, and update programs for a particular device, the web, or a specific operating system, then the Application Developers course is for you. They typically specialize in one area of development, such as mobile phone applications. The developers behind the apps we use must consider the front-end user experience, the back-end functionality, and everything in between.

โ€ข Video-based Instructions

โ€ข Exercise labs

โ€ข Pre and Post assessments

โ€ข PDF workbook (includes fill-in-the-blanks, glossary terms & definitions, and many other resources to reinforce learning)

โ€ข Full-time training support when needed.

โ€ข Management/HR reporting (For organisations)

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Upon successfully completing the exam

You will receive the Internationally Accredited Exam Certificate which gets sent to you directly from the certifying body: Certiport. StellieTech will email you your E-Certificate and Score Report in the meantime. You will receive an "Acclaim" badge which can be added to your LinkedIn profile to prove that you are certified.

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