Security Fundamentals Course

Security Fundamentals Course

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Duration: 3 Days
Certificate of Training: Yes
Course Overview
MTA Security Fundamentals is designed to provide students with an explanation and understanding of fundamental security concepts. MTA is a new certification program that Microsoft has created specifically for students entering into the IT industry for the first time. It validates the foundational knowledge needed to build and secure Microsoft Windows Servers, Windows-based network operating systems, Active Directory, account management, and system recovery tools. The MTA Security Fundamentals certification is a pathway for future certifications and career opportunities. Expert Tom Carpenter guides you through each exam objective seamlessly, all the while preparing you for the Microsoft exam 98-367. This course provides you with interactive videos that meet the needs of multiple styles of learning from auditory to visual. 
  • Understand network types and layouts.
  • Identify necessary skills to become a network operator.
  • Prepare for the MTA 98-366 Exam
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