MTA - Network Fundamentals (Online Course)

MTA - Network Fundamentals (Online Course)

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MTA - Network Fundamentals


3 Reasons why you should do this course:

#1 - INTERACTIVE - This course is fully interactive with pre-assessments, exercises and post-assessments to measure your growth.

#2 - SUPPORT - After you have bought this course you will get a phone call from your dedicated trainer to help you get started. Most of our students say this this has been immensely valuable to them.

What is the guarantee?

Every student is important to us and we are proud to boast our high ratings. With this we can also offer a hassle free 7-day money back guarantee!

How does the training work?

After purchasing this course your dedicated trainer will call you to help you to get started. If you have no experience you will need approximately 18 hours to complete the course, if you have some experience then you will need less time because of the way the course is designed.

Benefits & Prerequisites 


A good understanding of English. 

You have to have access to a computer and the internet of the following specs:

Windows 10
High-speed Internet connection

      MTA - Network Fundamentals Course Outline

      Session 1 - Introduction
      Course Opening
      Network Types
      Local Area Networks
      Wide Area Networks
      Wireless Networks
      Network Topologies

      Session 2: Transmission Speeds
      Understanding Switches
      Understand Routers
      Understand Media Types

      Session 3: OSI Model
      Understanding OSI Model
      Understanding IPv4
      Understanding IPv6
      Understand Name Resolution
      Understand Networking Services
      Understand TCP/IP

      Delivery Details

      You will receive you're online course registration and login details via email. Once purchased you will receive your email in less than 24 working hours. You will have all the instructions required to begin practicing.