Microsoft Word 2016 (Online Course)

Microsoft Word 2016 (Online Course)

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Course Details

Microsoft Office Word Course

This course covers all the content of Microsoft Office Wor2016 needed to become internationally certified. This three-day course is designed to prepare you for everything you will need to know in order to write an official Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification and to be able to set yourself up for success in your work environment.

How does the training work?
You will need to commit to 3 full days worth of training. This can be spread across a few days by doing a few hours a day of can be fully completed ​in 3 full days (18h).
Course Objectives:
  1. Master everything you need to know about Microsoft Word.
  2. Reach the top professional level of Microsoft Word with no need for prior knowledge of the application.

    All you need to pass your Word 2016 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 77-725 certification exam.

      Benefits & Prerequisites 


      1. Gain the skills and confidence required to successfully obtain your Microsoft Office Word 2016 certification
      2. Test prep questions that meet all Word 2016 exam objectives
      3. View your online courseware anytime, anywhere


        1. Basic computer and English literacy.
        2. You have access to a computer and the internet of the following specs:
        • - Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10
        • - Full installation of Excel 2016 (not compatible with Office Mobile or Office Online)
        • - GMetrix SMS current version 6.1 installed
        • - High-speed Internet connection


          Course Outline

          Word 2016 Course Outline

          Session 1: Word 1
          Introduction to Word 2016
          Getting Started
          Create Documents
          Through Documents
          Format Documents
          Customize Document Views and Options
          Print and Save Documents

          Session 2: Word 2
          Insert Text and Paragraphs
          Format Text and Paragraphs
          Order and Group Text and Paragraphs

          Session 2: Word 3
          Create Tables and Lists
          Modify a Table
          Create and Modify a List

          Session 3: Word 4
          Create and Manage References
          Create and Manage Simple References
          Proofing the Document

          Session 3: Word 5
          Insert and Format Graphic Elements
          Format Graphic Elements
          Insert and Format SmartArt Graphics


          Delivery Details

          You will receive you're online coursed registration and login details via email. Once purchased you will receive your email in less than 24 working hours. You will have all the instructions required to begin practicing.