MTA - Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript

MTA - Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript

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Course Details
Duration: 2 Days
Certificate of Training: Yes
Course Overview
The MTA Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript (98-382) course is an excellent course for those looking to gain valuable introductory JavaScript skills. Topics covered include: learning about JavaScript operators, keywords, and methods, using variables, data types, and functions, implementing decisions and loops, interacting with the DOM (Document Object Model), and interacting with forms. In all of these topics, students will clearly see how JavaScript is used to enhance existing webpages. Furthermore, this course covers the material on the MTA 98-382 exam and will help anyone looking to improve their employability prospects in the areas of designing and building webpages.
  • Understand the basics of JavaScript
  • Understand how JavaScript is us to enhance webpages
  • Prepare for the MTA 98-328 Exam
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