Digital Literacy (Online Course)

Digital Literacy (Online Course)

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  • - 12h course
  • - Full time - 9 Days (5 hours per day)
  • - Part time - 2 month maximum


 StellieTech Certificate of Achievement.

 3 x Internationally Accredited Exams.

    Course Overview

    Upgrade your Digital Literacy skills today. There is an increasing need for staff to be trained before starting any office position. We have put together a range of our best courses specifically designed to get you on an excellent starting level.

    This course aims to equip the learner with the knowledge and appreciation of the business environment ad to empower them to be efficient and effective in the office.


    StellieTech Support
    You will receive full support from your designated trainer within 24 working hours. On completion, after receiving your certification, if required the trainer can draw up your reports for your training (potential organisational training requirement).

    • - A good understanding of English. 
    • - You have to have access to a computer and the internet of the following specs:
    • - Windows 10
    • - Moderate-speed Internet connection
    • - You will cover all the essential aspects needed to get started in any position.
    • - You will earn credentials issued by StellieTech, a trusted trainer of computer skills.
    Course Outline

    Working with the Internet

    • - Internet
    • - Navigation and Media Literacy
    • - Browser Functionality
    • - Rights and Usage
    • - Email Clients
    • - Calendaring
    • - Communication Methods
    • - Digital Citizenship

    Fundamental Basics

    • - Hardware
    • - Internet Basics
    • - Mobile Devices
    • - Software Architecture
    • - File and Software Management
    • - Troubleshooting Basics
    • - Cloud Computing
    • - Security

    Key Computer Applications

    • - Common Application Features
    • - Word Processing
    • - Spreadsheets
    • - Databases
    • - Presentations
      Delivery Details

      Once you've purchased the course, your dedicated trainer will get in touch with you to introduce themselves to you and welcome you to the program.

      You will receive your online course registration and login details via email in less than 24 working hours. You will have all the instructions required to begin with your course.

      In the enrolment document, there will be a support email and contact number which you can contact should you need any assistance at any point during your training and your dedicated trainer will assist you throughout your course.

      We are looking forward to having you train with us at StellieTech.