Digital Literacy Course

Digital Literacy Course

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Course Details

Digital Literacy Course Information

Duration:  6 Days
Certificate of Training: Yes
Course Overview

Upgrade your Digital Literacy skills today. There is an increasing need for staff to be trained before starting any office position. We have put together a range of our best courses specifically designed to get you on an excellent starting level.

If you need more days to finish fully grasp this course material, we will allow you up to 2 days extra free of charge as we want you to feel confident with the material. 


  • -Master everything you need to know about the digital world.
  • -Reach the top of your professional potential, don't let the digital barrier stand in your way. 
  • -Prove your digital competency to employers.
Stellenbosch Dates
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Woodstock Dates

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Course Outline

Course Outline

Session 1: Working with the Internet
Section A: Internet
Section B: Navigation and Media Literacy
Section C: Browser Functionality
Section D: Rights and Usage
​Section E: Email Clients
Section F: Calendaring
Section G: Communication Methods
Section H: Digital Citizenship​

​Session 2: Fundamental basics
​Section A: Hardware
Section B: Internet Basics
Section C: Mobile Devices
Section D: Software Architecture
Section E: File and Software Management
Section F: Troubleshooting Basics
Section G: Cloud Computing
Section H: Security

​Session 3: Key Computer Applications
​​Section A: Common Application Features
Section B: Word Processing
Section C: Spreadsheets
Section D: Databases
Section E: Presentations