Eight easy steps to make your zoom meetings more secure

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With social distancing becoming part of our daily lives, businesses are being forced to host meetings via zoom calls and other online platforms.

Here are eight easy tips to make your zoom meetings more secure:

  1. When scheduling a new meeting DO NOT use your personal meeting ID. (Personal meeting ID’s never change so when using these ID’s the meeting room will always be accessible)
  2. Set a new password for every meeting. This will help keep unwanted attendees out of your meetings. (Make sure you have checked on “require meeting password” to ensure that attendees need more than the meeting link to access the meeting)
  3. Make sure you have disabled “Join before host” under meeting options, this will allow for you to see who is waiting to join your meeting.
  4. Enable waiting room, under meeting options. This allows the host to manually approve attendees before they can enter the meeting room. This makes your meeting more secure and void from any unwanted attendees. This option also keeps the host cognizant of who is wanting to join the meeting, so nobody can join without the host knowing. 
  5. Under the settings tab, select “limit screen sharing option” to ensure that only the host is able to share his/her screen. This will prevent attendees sharing screens that the host does not want. If you would like attendees to share their screen then you need not use this option.
  6. While you are in a meeting, click on manage participants, then click more and you will be able to “Lock Meeting”. This option allows you to lock your virtual meeting room so that once the meeting has started nobody will be allowed to join. They will be forced to the waiting room, only when the host decides, will the attendee be allowed in.You can lock and unlock the room at any time during the meeting. 
  7. Under setting options, select “Allow only authenticated users to join” option. This forces the host of the meeting to type in all users that the host approves, to join the meeting. This makes your meeting secure and safe.
  8.  DO NOT ever put the meeting url on any public forum. Use the email option to invite attendees so only people you email will get the invite and the url will not be seen by the public, especially on social media platforms. 

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