Digital Transformation of Companies

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Digital transformation can mean different things to different companies. It is therefore hard to pinpoint an exact definition of it. However, digital transformation is the process whereby we integrate digital technology into all aspects of the business therefore fundamentally changing the way in which the business operates. 

In essence, digital transformation is a change in business culture. This change is often uncomfortable as it goes against how businesses have operated for years. At times it is experimental and therefore failure or setbacks have to be part of the process.   

Digital transformation therefore is the process by which many companies seek to solve traditional problems with technology.

It is safe to say the Covid-19 virus has almost forced companies in South Africa and around the world to digitally transform their businesses. The Digital Transformation sees the most drastic changes in four key areas:

1.Telecommuting - many employees who were once only able to work at the office are now able to work from home. Companies and Industries see that this is now the only way to keep their businesses active. Teachers for example are now forced to work from home and are turning to online methods of teaching as all schools have been closed down.

2.On-Demand food services - majority of South African households would never have imagined having strangers doing their shopping. But now, lock-down is forcing households and even businesses to do online shopping and making use of delivery services for their goods. If companies cannot alter the way in which their products and services are delivered they will experience huge losses.

3.Virtual Events- With nobody being able to fly, drive or commute in any way, and with the restrictions on public or social gatherings, companies are now shifting their focus and budgets to digital events. Companies are having large Skype/zoom meetings, musicians are hosting online concerts and birthdays are even being celebrated online with virtual parties.

4.The Cloud- without the cloud most companies would not be able to function properly. The cloud allows companies to co-edit documents effectively and allows collaborations between coworkers.

The digital transformation of companies and lifestyles is an ongoing process. It cannot be done overnight, but it is achieved through steady development and change. Change and exploring the unknown can be very daunting and difficult at the best of times, but the benefits of this forward thinking approach could result in businesses being the forerunners in their industry.

Do not be left behind. Its time to digitally transform our lives and businesses.





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