3 Ways to educate yourself in 2020

Posted by Andrew Forte on

In a modern society we have increasing pressures to stay relevant and up-to-date. With ever evolving methods of education and accreditation how do we even keep up? 

  1. Use the internet. Back in the day, there were so many "eLearning" sites out there claiming to be the "best" but they weren't. But how times have changed. The caliber of eLearning has become so much better these days that you really are getting something meaning full from it. 
  2. Short courses are becoming more important. These days everyone is so busy. It's especially hard to commit to eLearning courses. This is why StellieTech does so well with their short courses. They deliver face to face courses that can hold your complete attention. It's much easier to learn when you don't have to worry about the emails on your computer constantly reminding you and all your laptops notifications going off.  
  3. Don't forget about tertiary education. The demand for tertiary educated people is increasing all the time. Even the lower level positions are sometimes expected to have a diploma or a degree. If you have the opportunity to take a tertiary course. You should do it. If not check out the courses at StellieTech

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